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Why is professional garage door repair Seattle so important? Almost every home in America has a garage door. It is meant to make life easier and your home safer. A standard garage door can go through thousands of cycles (open and close) a year without a hitch. However, like all other machines, they have a service life. If the door isn’t professionally maintained, and repaired that service life is reduced significantly. That’s where a professional service like ours can help.

Why Hire CHS Garage Repair in Seattle?

We all know that Seattle is home to literally scores of garage door repair services. Many if not all of these services will claim that they are professional and a few are even experts. However, a home or business owner shouldn’t hire a service which does not have a good reputation or come highly recommended by a known source. At CHS Garage Repair in Seattle, our service is amongst the most highly rated and recommended services. That’s because regardless of the issue we can fix it for you.

Competitive Pricing and Expert Servicemen

Our garage door repair Seattle does not overcharge clients, but instead, we are competitively priced. The fact is that our prices are so competitive that most homeowners who have dealt with other services can’t believe what we are charging for a much better, expert repair service. Not to mention that we back all the work we do with a warranty offering home and business owners the best bang for their bottom dollar! Our experts arrive on time and will work swiftly to diagnose and fix all issues. Plus, they travel with everything needed so if a part needs to be replaced they can take care of it straight away.

Leading Brands of Aftermarket Parts

Unlike other services which strive to cut costs we never compromise on the quality of the parts used. Sure! High-quality garage door parts are expensive. Some parts can be three times more expensive than their standard, low-quality counterparts. However, by using these parts, we ensure that homeowners save in the long-term. These parts also come backed by a warranty as all high-quality parts should so your investment is safe. On average the replacement parts we use lasts four times longer helping homeowners save money on repairs and replacements for several years.

No Garage Door too Difficult to Repair

Many homeowners have complained over the years that the service they have hired wasn’t able to fix their issue. Others have said that the service they hired fixed the problem but only temporarily. The reason this happens is that the repair service does not either have the skills or they don’t want to put in the time to fix the problem. They would instead recommend replacing the garage door but which costs a lot of money!

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Our services stretch across a wide area, and we are continuing to expand. Home and business owners in Kirkland, Woodinville, Issaquah, Lynwood, Edmonds, Mill Creek, Lynwood & Everett, and Bellevue can call to hire our services. Not only that but we can provide you with a quote for jobs like installing a new garage door, replacing the garage door opener, etc.


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At CHS Garage Repair our garage door repair Seattle experts can fix any problem, and so you can’t go wrong! Call us today for an inspection or to learn more about our services.

Great Service! I had an emergency at my house with the garage door and decided to call Sunshine Garage because of the great reviews… they weren’t wrong! Eddie took care of us, he was very pleasant to work with, same day solved our issue and very honest. I would recommend them to anyone.
Dennis R.